At Silverback Pharma, we now offer discreet labelling and packaging for our products to ensure your parcel reaches you quick and safe without any interruptions in the delivery process.

Since we have introduced our discreet labelling methods, we have successfully shipped 100% of our orders and it is now the preferred way of packaging by many of our customers.

When adding a product to your basket, discreet labelling is automatically applied.

When you receive your discreet labelled products, the only way to tell what is inside is by identifying the number at the bottom of the vial/box. See below for instructions.

Identifier Table

1 Testosterone Propionate
2 Testosterone Enanthate
3 Testosterone Cypionate
4 Testosterone Decanoate
7 Tamoxifen / Nolvadex
8 Methasterone
9 Halotestin
10 Equipoise
11 Primobolan
12 Deca
13 Proviron
15 Anadrol
16 Turinabol
17 Aromasin
18 Dianabol
19 Trenbolone Acetate
20 Trenbolone Enanthate
21 Arimidex
22 Masteron Enanthate
23 Masteron Propionate
25 Winstrol
26 NPP
27 Cialis
28 Viagra
29 Testosterone Blend 400
30 Sustanon
31 Trenbolone Blend
32 Anavar
33 Rip Blend
34 T3
36 Clomid
37 Injectable Winstrol
50 Diazepam
52 Clenbuterol
55 Somatropin
57 Letrozole
71 Primobolan
90 Tadapox
91 Caber
92 Ephedrine
If your number is not listed above, please contact and a member of the team will identify the compound for you.


We have numbered all our products that have the discreet option available on the product title.

If you are still unsure, please email us at or hit us up on live chat and one of our team will be happy to help you out.